Providing practical solutions to manage lifestyle factors impacting women's health and wellbeing to enhance productivity, passion and purpose.


Mum, Medical Doctor, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Weight Loss Expert and Explorer.

Dr Aishah Iqbal is a medical doctor, personal trainer, life coach and the founder of Medic Mums Weight Loss Academy. She has a special interest in lifestyle medicine, weight management and behaviour psychology. Her own struggles with chronic illness throughout her adult life and managing this why working a busy, demanding job has pushed a deep desire to understand health, nutrition and behaviour.

After becoming a mother, she experienced how motherhood adds a new layer of complexity to caring for your personal health and wellbeing. These experiences have paved the way for the creation of a number of services all with the aim of providing practical solutions to manage lifestyle factors impacting women's health and wellbeing to enhance productivity, passion and purpose.

Aishah regularly provides expert insights around health and wellbeing to media outlets.


The Stylist Magazine


Glamour Magazine

Closer Magazine

The Sun

Huffington Post




The Guardian

The Mirror

For Organisations

Aishah is available to deliver bespoke courses, workshops, seminars and coaching sessions to support employers on their journey to enhancing the wellbeing of their female employees.

A range of specific female health related topics covered include (but not limited to): adapting the workplace for menopause & female health related conditions, return to work following maternity leave, supporting employees with fertility and pregnancy loss.

Bespoke programmes on other health and wellbeing topics and coaching packages suitable for the workforce can also be provided at request.

For Doctors

Medic Mums Weight Loss Support

The desire to feel comfortable, happy and confident in your body is something we should all be able to work towards.

Aishah has build a dedicated platform to help fellow busy doctor mums start to prioritise themselves and leading a healthy lifestyle. She uses her unique approach combines nutrition, fitness, NLP, life coaching and lifestyle medicine, paving the way to a new way of thinking about weight management.


Bespoke Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Aishah continues to provide bespoke coaching packages for individuals who would like to have support in managing lifestyle factors that are impacting their health and wellbeing. The aim of the coaching packages is to give you space to uncover strategies to manage factors such as stress, negative thought patterns or poor sleep in order to enhance productivity, passion and purpose.

The 12 weeks I spent working with Aishah changed my whole life. I came to her unhappy, stressed, disliking my body and close to burnout. Never once did she tell me I was hopeless. Never once did she say that I needed to do X or Y. Aishah listened. I mean she REALLY listened. Yes, I weigh a lot less now. But more than that I am HAPPY with myself in many ways. I sleep better, I eat without guilt. Aishah changed my whole life and I will never be able to thank her enough.

Anna Rump, Social Media Manager

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